Do Outboard Motors Have Air Filters?

Outboard motors do not have air filters generally because boats gliding on water do not churn up dust and other particles like they would in a car, so there is no real need to filter the air around the outboard while it is in use.

In this sense, not having an air filter on an outboard engine means a cost saving for the manufacturer, keeping the cost down for the customer, too, and also then having one less item to check and monitor for problems.

What is an air filter on a motor for?

An air filter stops elements like dust and grit from getting into an engine, which is particularly a problem for cars and other automobiles given that they are running on roads where dust and particles fly up all the time.

As you can imagine, doing the same on an outboard motor is not needed since the marine environment does not have the same issues with dust or other particles being churned up as it is running.

Even though you may store your outboard in a dusty environment, since the engine will not be run much in a dry, dusty environment, it then does not need the benefit of an air filter.

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